Over 25 Years Experience

Builders Cleans

We undertake builders clean no matter how big or small and have completed hundreds to date.

Recently we were the main cleaning contractor at St Pancras International Train Station. I am happy to say that this job went smoothly and our customer was very pleased with the service and standard that was achieved on such a large scale project. Please refer to testimonial page for the customers comments.

It is important you select the appropriate cleaning company for this type of job because it can be the difference of a major project being handed over smoothly to the client. There is nothing worse than having a team of 30 cleaners that do not know what they are doing or who has to do what. Without good organisation the pressure of tight deadlines and very high standards for the hand over can be too much and can have bad consequences.

Some companies believe that sending in more cleaners than needed will get better results but we have found this is not the case and that it is the organisational skills from the supervisors and team work that is important. At BPM due to our vast experience and hardworking team you can be assured that this will not be the case.

We have a huge selection of full and part time staff so any scale of project is achievable at short notice. As you will see on other sections such as high level cleaning, pressure washing, steam cleaning and even dry ice blasting we have all the specialised equipment to deal with any scenario if needed.

All of our site cleaners are CSCS qualified.

PASMA Tower Trained Construction Skills Certification Scheme ISO 9001 Internation Powered Access Federation

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