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Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a revolutionary concept of cleaning. It is used for the removal of stubborn surface contaminants similar to sand blasting or pressure washing but without the use of sand or water. The dry ice sublimes (turns into gas) on impact so unlike other cleaning methods there is no excessive material to clear up. 

Even though this system can remove things such as dried on concrete from brickwork it is not abrasive so the surface being cleaned will not be damaged and can even be used on electrical equipment. It works by firing the surface being cleaned with dry ice pellets at pressure, the kinetic energy removes loose contaminant, the changes of temperature causes cracks in the contaminant and then  pellets turn into gas thus expanding  and breaking down the contaminant.

Dry ice blasting can be used in many ways but in our experience one of the best applications is the cleaning of production lines especially in the food sector. It can be done without dismantling the machinery and does not affect the electrics or electronics. This means less money to pay out on engineers and much less down time of the machinery.

Another benefit especially in the food industry is that it does not leave any water or chemical residue as not to contaminate products. This is not a cheap service but can create enormous savings if applied to the correct job.

  • No chemicals, sand, water used.
  • Totally sanitises due to ice at -64 degree which kills virtually all bacteria on contact
  • Non abrasive
  • Little down time on production lines saving money
  • Can be used on machinery, electrics, electronics
  • Highest possible results
  • Environmentally friendly- no waste disposal
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