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Cold Store & Evaporator Cleaning

We have been specialising in cold store and evaporator cleaning for the last 15 years and feel that this is an area that our business excels in. We have gained vast experience working with some of the country’s leading food producers and have gained a reputation of a business that will always make sure you achieve the results that are essential within this industry. As you will see on our testimonials page we have helped some of our customers achieve very high accreditations that they have been given from their own customers, some of which are well known supermarket chains

Most food producers undertake on site spore tests which tests the levels of bacteria in the atmosphere which can contaminate the food.  We find evaporator cleaning is probably the most important part to clean within a cold store. If the evaporators are dirty then the fans will be blowing dirt and bacteria into the air and around the factory. This will also affect the efficiency of the evaporators and they will take longer to cool the factory and use more electricity. Another benefit is that if the evaporators are cleaned regularly it will decrease the likelihood of breakdowns.

We use many methods to clean cold stores such as high level cleaning, steam cleaning, dry ice cleaning, pressure washing. Please go to these sections for more information.

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