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At BPM we supply infection control and steam cleaning for many different companies it is more popular in the health sector and companies dealing with food production although any business can benefit. Old methods used usually consisted with using chemicals and washing everything down however new technology allows us to use a system of dry steam. Our equipment turns the water into dry steam at a high temperature and uses pressure to clean. On contact the steam will kill 99.9 % of germs and leaves about 6% residue which means it can be used on virtually any surface. This allows us to apply it to any kind of business that is concerned with bacteria and infection control.

In the health sector it is beneficial because it will kill nearly all viruses where just cleaning would not be as successful. It is very important that patients and visitors have the assurance that will not contract any illnesses when visiting the premises especially when there is an outbreak of illnesses such as norovirus which can be highly infectious and can be spread from surfaces such as door knobs, toilets and phones.

With companies producing food it is essential that the food is germ free and this can be difficult on production lines and factories that are very busy. The steam cleaning process will clean the machinery as well as killing any germs. It can even be carried out while the production line is running.

In the office environment it can be used to combat the spread of infection between employees reducing absence rates especially with illnesses such as swine flu or norovirus. This system can be used on most hard surfaces and soft furnishings where viruses can live for 24 hours such as phones, desks, upholstery and toilets.

This method is environmentally friendly due to no chemicals being used.
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